UX & Design

Our goal is to ensure every project team considers UX principles from the start. Ironically, our mission will be complete when there is no need for a separate UX department at all … so apply now before we succeed.

What we do

We work closely with other teams in the digital department and across the business, to ensure that every time our users interact with any of our products, they can achieve their goals simply, quickly and easily.

Who we are

We are a close-knit team of researchers, UI designers, UX experts, writers and content specialists. We solve problems collaboratively; we work directly with all stakeholders within a project, to understand the goals at an early stage, to get to the heart of any issues and to create the best solution.

How we work

We have an established culture of respect, innovation and co-operation.

Contribution is key, and we love fresh thinking.

We won’t hold your hand, but we will be there to support you.

We broaden design roles; we see the designer as a facilitator.

We are involved in the whole end-to-end process.

We also enjoy visiting galleries, trying out improv and shooting each other with lasers.

Our values

People first – digital answers to human needs

Collaborate – many brains make better work

Experiment – don’t follow roads, follow ideas

Simplify – work hard to make things easy

Do, observe, evolve – then do it again

Our team is…

So if you are most of those things, and you like the sound of what we do, get in touch.

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