Project Management

Helpful, organized, motivated, informed. These are the attributes we wish everyone else had, but until then, we’ll keep making sure the magic happens.

What we do

At Springer Nature, a PM's first and most important stakeholder is the team; you’ll work to bring cohesion and consistency to the team, which leads to the delivery of an incredible product.

Being a PM at Springer Nature isn’t about budgets and Gantt charts — it’s a role that involves facilitation, stakeholder management, decision-making and planning in a lean/agile environment, where teams choose how they want to deliver.

We are not wedded to any one agile philosophy; we’d rather help teams choose the right tool for the job and then iterate.

How we work

Our culture is important and we see PMs as the champions of it, right in the middle of everything we do — seamlessly integrating team members, teams, projects and disciplines into one single great place to work.

Being a project manager at Springer Nature means always being part of the solution. The structure means that everyone is responsible for the health of the department, not just Leadership Team.

Our team is…

So if you are most of those things, and you like the sound of what we do, get in touch.

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