Platform Support

We're here to help both internal and external customers to achieve their goals

What we do

We provide a point of reference for our customers when they are having technical issues with our platforms and applications. We work with the technical teams across the digital department to meet our customers' needs, by ensuring that our services are available at all times.

Tech we use

We use ServiceNow and JIRA to manage the backlog of tickets, with various languages & tools used as part of the triage and resolution process, including:

SQL (Oracle, MySQL), Splunk, Slack, CMS, Nagios, CoreMedia, XQuery (Marklogic), Pingdom, Monit, Trello, Airbrake, Grafana, Java, HTML, XML, JSON, MongoDB, Google Cloud Platform, various in-house APIs

How we work

We work directly with our customers to ensure that their experience with Springer Nature is error free. We are in close contact with the development teams, to keep up to date on the latest improvements, and to highlight any known issues or bugs, so we’re able to give our customers the best support.

The platform support team also works closely with the project and development teams to ensure smooth passage into the live environments, as well as providing continued management of legacy systems.

Our team is…

So if you are most of those things, and you like the sound of what we do, get in touch.

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