Business Analysis

We work with stakeholders across the business to identify business needs, understand product requirements and deliver the company vision. We do all of this using the power of Post-It notes.

What we do

We pair with quality analysts and user experience designers to write stories that are clear, concise and comprehensible. We then communicate to the development team how the requirements are aligned with the business needs and ‘big picture’ goals and vision.

We collaborate and provide business analysis support to the product owner, business sponsors, SMEs and testers during development.

When issues arise, we find the root cause(s) of pain points, and validate business opportunities and problems.

We continuously map, analyse and validate information flows within a complex organisational setting.

We facilitate workshops with a range of stakeholders in the business.

We like cake.
We like fun.
And we are NEVER more than thirty feet from some pens and Post-It notes.

What you'll need

Our team is…

So if you are most of those things, and you like the sound of what we do, get in touch.

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